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The Public must demand healthy homes and living environments: we have the Non Toxic Materials and we have the Technology


Since the business of friendlyville is rooted in "be friendly to yourself and be friendly to others" this web presence is ideal to be the temporary location for ORGANIC SUPERSTORES dot COM: We are developing the hosting site and will be launching it before the year end 2017.



An excellent expose of Food Resellers misrepresenting themselves as the actual growers by The CBC's Marketplace.


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is their Canadian-themed clothing website

In These Challenging Economic Times, With People Out Of Work And Looking For New Opportunities To Achieve Their Subsistence Needs friendlyville.biz Is Here To Help You As A Business Consultant.



The POWER of the community will help us ride through these choppy economic times.

SHINE LOVE for what we shine out comes back to us manyfold.


Our ideas on building a business the friendlyville way.

Without a doubt the purpose of a business venture is to make a profit yet  in formulating our version of the "friendlyville way" of doing business  is to add an element of not-for-profit into the business mix.  While the focus is and has been to build a business which inherently glorifies all that is good: one in fact which strives to nourish and foster this in others as well we believe it can be best summed up in one action verb: to Shine Love  In our efforts to build the friendlyville realm of domain names we liken this to hypothetical case study analysis that at any given moment If our corporate friendlyville-heart were to be cross-sectioned at any moment, the viewer would see the heartbeat pumping love as the human heart pumps blood.  


In our fifteenth year of business  our journey on this path of this business-strategic thinking has taught us and empowered us to sense that the key element and prerequisite is to focus more on serving, the tactics: seeking out every opportunity regardless of financial return knowing and having Faith that what we shine out does indeed come back manyfold.  The extra bonus to this is that when we surrender this to our Creator and Energy we needn't devote so much of our limited business energy to ensuring that it will.  Now this doesn;t mean that this is done without strategic thinking or other effective business accumen but rather having this Super-Human element as an additional Team Member is what truly makes this investment worthwhile  For me (the author) it means praying and asking that the opportunities flow as they will - that I, or we, may be of assistance where needed.  As in the "Truth doesn't lie" so too are we blessed with Intuition.  I'm sure you have been in a situation where you recall your intuition saying that you shouldn;t and you did and that in retrospect you wish you had listened to your intuirion.  I believe that the more you shine love the stronger your Intuition will become - from a business perspective it is as though the company (small business) has someOne to report and be accountable to and this someOne.  This strict accountability is a president's best friend when navigating corporate vision,strategies and tactics.

Case Study:  a sales representative for a local brand name mat manufacturer has on a site visit which is in the poorest area of town,  Although the Customer is a large organization with capabilities to purchase the sales representative learns that the Client of the Customer has great need for a mat an other equipment which they have with them.  As a manufacturer, and even as an agent, donating products in this unexpected opportunity can be an excellent promotional tool:  This action serves your Customer in that it serves their Customer, and being uncalled for reinforces in those you are interacting, that you place the needs of others before yourself - for the perceived (intuition) right opportunities.  In this instance the mat would go to a child with special needs:  now instead of the status quo being maintained wherein the child will continue to lie on the cold concrete floor the Love in the world is expanded so that they will have instead comfort and an improved quality of life.  In business you want to know what the success of one's efforts are - the greatest challenge I find is to surrender this ... just in knowing that you accomplished this feat in a Faith-like manner is all one needs to focus on.  By adding many momments like this to your company's history - consistently - a strong foundation can be achieved.  And the real beauty of this concept is having others, especially your competition following your lead - Utopian yes yet it is plausible.

It is radical to present the idea of placing Love before monetary profits in business activities and yet when done genuinely I believe there is no greater marketing force.  When the Customer not only thinks but KNOWS that you have their best interests at heart - over and above your and or your company's own interests then repeat and referral Customers can be maximized.  Sure you can earn this distinction by gaining your stripes the worldly way - yet the ultimate referral business is where Customers are so excited about your offering that they talk about you every time a related subject is broached in their conversations and look for ways to buy your products and services..